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Workers’ Comp Covers Your Injuries

New Jersey law requires that employers provide employees with insurance coverage for workplace and employment-related injuries. In return, the law also requires that employees forego traditional personal injury lawsuits as a remedy for injuries and losses. The workers’ compensation insurance policy provides the first recourse for recovery of losses.

Employers and their insurance companies have a strong desire to minimize the amount paid out for a workman’s comp claim. Under the law, the insurance company can choose the doctor who evaluates the injury, so the physician’s medical evaluation tends to minimize the extent of the disability. The amount of compensation you receive for your medical costs, loss of income and rehabilitation costs may fall far short of your true losses.

We Will Protect Your Rights

If you have suffered a job injury in New Jersey, the workers’ comp claim you file is not your only recourse for compensation. In thousands of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, Rogan & Associates LLC has defended the rights of workplace accident victims. Our workers’ comp attorneys can help you pursue full compensation for your losses and disability.

We represent employees and employers in matters involving workplace accidents and on-the-job injuries. Our New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys have the knowledge and resources to help you secure the benefits and compensation you need after a work injury. Contact our law firm to learn more about your rights after an accident at work.

You Deserve A Fair Evaluation After A Work Injury

Our lawyers who handle workers’ compensation claims in New Jersey and New York have extensive experience with, and a comprehensive understanding of, medical injuries and disability conditions. In defending rights, we can call upon our database of physicians and other medical professionals to obtain additional medical evaluations. These measures often tell a far different story than that told by the initial evaluation. We can effectively and compellingly present this new information in court, so you get the compensation you deserve.

A disability caused by a workplace injury can last a lifetime and severely limit earning potential. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, we can help you pursue fair and just compensation for your medical costs and lost income. We can help you begin to rebuild your life.

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