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Ensuring The Proper Distribution Of Your Loved One’s Estate

Disagreements during the administration of your loved one’s probate estate can prolong proper distribution of assets. The complex probate process is made more difficult when beneficiaries or heirs step in with arguments about the original intentions of the decedent. Estate administration can also be prolonged when an executor is not fulfilling their fiduciary duties.

Whether your family is struggling with a contested will or trust or you need to get an executor or trustee removed, you need a lawyer who is equipped with probate litigation experience. At Rogan & Associates LLC, our attorneys have over 30 years of experience helping clients streamline their estate administration process.

Need To Remove An Estate Representative For Breach Of Fiduciary Duty?

At Rogan & Associates LLC, we provide counsel and advice about the proper distribution of an estate. If you suspect your family’s estate representative has breached fiduciary duty to the estate, call us to help protect your legacy and beneficiary rights. The executor of an estate has a duty to be honest in all estate transactions and to provide timely distribution of all assets.

If you are a beneficiary, you have right to a copy of the will and an accounting, or inventory, of your loved one’s assets. You can take action against the estate representative for breaches of duty including:

  • Not providing a copy of the will
  • Failing to provide accounting or proof of expenses
  • Providing improper property values
  • Fraudulent transfer of assets
  • Delaying distribution to the beneficiaries

Our estate litigation attorneys represent clients in removal actions and can save your family from losses caused by an estate representative.

Contact Our Firm Today To Discuss Your Probate Dispute

Our attorneys have the skills and experience to guide you through resolving any type of estate dispute your family is experiencing. Call our office in Hackensack at 201-342-6404, or reach out to us online. Serving clients in New Jersey and New York.