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We Stand Up To The Largest Retailers

The attorneys of Rogan & Associates LLC gained their experience in the field of premises liability by defending some of America’s largest retailers. We now put that experience and knowledge to use by helping victims of slip-and-fall events created by hazardous conditions on either commercial or private property.

Whether the slip, trip and fall and subsequent injuries resulted from wet floors, ice on sidewalks or parking lots or other types of negligent maintenance of property, we can help you. We have already helped thousands of victims of serious retail accidents and other slip-and-fall accidents get just compensation for their losses and suffering.

A seemingly insignificant situation such as a slippery or wet floor can cause a serious injury. A broken pavement can cause a sidewalk accident resulting in injuries that last a lifetime. In such premises liability cases, insurance companies and their lawyers will resist paying what an accident victim deserves. Persons who have suffered such mishaps need effective and assertive representation that identifies legal liability and gets results.

Experience, Knowledge And Commitment

At Rogan & Associates LLC, we have the experience needed to measure the extent of severe medical injuries. We understand the causes of slip-and-fall accidents, and, if needed, can call on engineering and accident causation experts to prove where true legal liability lies.

Edward T. Rogan, the principal of our firm, is a highly accomplished litigator who has been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a civil trial attorney. He and our other experienced lawyers use their knowledge of the law and extensive experience to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

Our goal is to help you obtain just compensation for your losses and suffering, whether through zealous negotiation or a lawsuit, if necessary.

For a free initial consultation with Rogan & Associates LLC, call us at 201-342-6404 or fill out our contact form. We have locations in Hackensack and New York City.