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Guidance After Severe Animal Bites

A dog bite or domestic animal attack is a traumatic event that can have long-term implications. These injuries are commonly inflicted upon children by a neighbor’s pet, which can be frightening and distressing. The physical injuries from dog attacks are often extremely severe, requiring treatment that ranges from painful shots to physical rehabilitation.

Rogan & Associates LLC believes in helping our clients achieve their financial and legal goals through compassionate client service, careful research, aggressive negotiation and successful courtroom strategy. If you have been injured by an animal or a dog bite, contact our office online or call 201-342-6404. We are here to help you get past this event and move forward with your life.

What Can You Recover?

Our attorneys have experience helping dog bite and mauling victims recover compensation for their injuries and losses, including:

  • Medical treatment for wounds, infections, nerve damage and other injuries
  • Counseling for trauma and phobias that may develop
  • Plastic surgery for scarring and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of any future earning power

Post-traumatic stress and the need for plastic surgery in order to prevent permanent disfigurement are much more common in cases where there are injuries to children, and we will factor these possibilities into our compensation demands.

Dog Owner Liability In New Jersey And New York

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we are well-versed in the law of premises liability, which governs dog bites. In New Jersey, there is a strict liability standard, which means the owner of the animal is responsible for the injuries inflicted by a dog regardless of whether the dog has ever bitten before. The owner must pay any and all damages that can be shown to be caused by the dog attack. In New York, this type of strict owner liability is limited to medical expenses caused by a dangerous dog.

Comprehensive Investigation Is The Foundation For Results

We will gather all evidence demonstrating that your case meets the requirements of the appropriate state’s respective law. We will obtain medical records and any necessary opinions from doctors to show that all medical treatment you or your child received was necessary and appropriate.

We can work with your insurer to obtain coverage for your bills now, and we will also identify all appropriate insurance policies, such as the animal owner’s homeowners policy, that can ultimately compensate you for your losses.

Animal and dog bites can be serious, and they demand serious representation. Contact Rogan & Associates LLC online or call 201-342-6404 for decisive action and effective representation in your dog bite claim. We offer free consultations and work on a contingency basis. We have offices in Hackensack and New York City. We take cases in Bergen County, Hudson County and Passaic County, as well as statewide.