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When Can Your Employer Fire You?

In the United States, most employment is considered “at will,” which means that either the employee or the employer can end the relationship for virtually any reason — or for no reason at all. Employers do not have to show cause to fire an employee in the vast majority of cases.

However, both state and federal law limit the “at will employment” doctrine in an important way: Your employer cannot fire you for an illegal reason, which includes firing you out of discrimination, because you reported illegal behavior, or because you tried to exercise your rights.

Federal and New Jersey labor law, as well as most company employment policies, protect you from wrongful termination. If you believe you have been fired illegally, you should contact an employment law attorney with experience in wrongful termination cases.

Rogan & Associates LLC has earned the respect of the New Jersey legal community as a leader in employment law through hard work and a detailed understanding of the law. Many employment claims are sensitive in nature, and one of our goals is always to preserve our clients’ reputations as we seek justice on their behalf. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in wrongful termination cases.

If you feel you may have a wrongful termination claim or have been accused of wrongful termination, contact our offices or call 201-342-6404 for a free, confidential consultation.

You Cannot Be Fired As Discrimination Or In Retaliation

You may have a legitimate wrongful termination claim if you were fired because of discrimination based on your race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age if over 40, disability, perceived disability, pregnancy, veteran status or, in some cases, sexual orientation.

Many employment and labor law statutes provide whistleblower protection by making it illegal to fire or retaliate against employees who report illegal behavior at work. It is also illegal to fire you in retaliation for exercising your workplace rights. For example, it would likely be wrongful termination if you were fired because you:

  • Alerted supervisors or OSHA to safety violations
  • Made a complaint about discrimination or harassment
  • Sought accommodation for a disability
  • Filed a workers’ compensation claim
  • Tried to take family or medical leave to which you were entitled

Reputation For Excellence In Defending Employees

Our firm takes these cases very seriously. We urge clients who believe they have been wrongfully fired to document what they believe led to their dismissal and any evidence they have. We will thoroughly investigate your claim, seeking any evidence of retaliation, wrongful termination or noncompliance with employment and labor laws.

Our reputation has led us to be appointed as special counsel to the County of Bergen in employment law cases. Since we also defend employers in employment cases, we have experience on both sides of the issue that allows us to effectively evaluate the case and predict our opponents’ tactics.

A wrongful termination can not only affect your career and livelihood, but it can damage your reputation and ability to seek future employment. We are here to help you take control and fight back against illegal treatment.

Schedule a free, confidential consultation with a lawyer today. Call our Hackensack or New York office at 201-342-6404 or contact us online.