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Are You Facing Discrimination At Work?

Federal and state laws prohibit employers from discriminating based on an employee’s race, color or national origin. At Rogan & Associates LLC, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in racial discrimination cases. We have built a reputation in New Jersey and New York for providing knowledgeable and experienced employment law services to employees and employers.

Have you been treated unfairly at work, denied a job or fired because of racial discrimination? You may be able to bring a claim against your employer. Has an employee accused your business of discrimination? Contact our Hackensack race discrimination attorneys to learn about your options and how we can help you.

What Counts As Discrimination?

Race discrimination can take many forms, including:

  • Failing to hire an employee based on his or her race
  • Making racial jokes or racial slurs
  • Denying employees of a certain race promotions or opportunities
  • Firing an employee based on race or in retaliation for lodging a discrimination complaint

If you suspect that you have been treated unfairly because of your race, we can help you. Our attorneys will work to collect and preserve evidence of discrimination, including witness statements from co-workers and photographs. We will work diligently to build your case against your employer.

We Represent Employers

Our lawyers represent corporations, municipalities and other businesses in employment matters. If you have been accused of discrimination, we can represent you and protect your interests.

Additionally, we help employers work to avoid future litigation by creating comprehensive employment manuals and policies. Our legal team has the skills and resources to help you minimize potential litigation and resolve employment disputes.

For a free initial consultation with an attorney, call Rogan & Associates LLC at 201-342-6404 or contact us online.