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What happens when you suffer a work injury and you have two jobs?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If you are someone who works two different jobs and you have an on-the-job accident at one of them, it can put both jobs in jeopardy. You cannot work at all if your doctor does not clear you, even at your other job where the injury did not occur.

You may wonder if you can get workers’ compensation from both employers. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development explains you cannot receive benefits under worker’s compensation from an employer unless you suffered an injury on that job.

Potential issues

The biggest issue with being able to only collect from one employer is it impacts your earnings from both jobs. This is especially difficult if you suffered the injury at a part-time job that then makes it so you cannot work your full-time job.

You will be unable to work the full-time job while off work due to an injury and while collecting workers’ compensation benefits for the part-time job. If you do work, you could face problems with fraud from workers’ compensation.


The issue here is that the benefits you receive depend on the income you earn from the job. So, if you are collecting off the part-time job, then you can only use those earnings. Plus, workers’ compensation lost wage benefits pay out only 70% of your average weekly wages, which will be far less than you usually earn working both jobs. It can create serious financial hardship.

Worker’s compensation coverage ties to each employer. That is the reason why you can only claim benefits from one employer when you suffer an injury. Wherever your injury occurs is the employer who holds the responsibility.