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Your employee handbook can reinforce contractual agreements

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Employment Law |

One of the best ways to guarantee employee loyalty for your company in New Jersey is through effective and mutually rewarding contractual agreements. When you and your employees have a shared understanding of each other’s expectations, you can benefit each other and synergize goals for the future.

An employee handbook can work hand-in-hand with employment contracts and provide reinforcement to important formal agreements.

Define expectations and benefits

While there are many topics you could address in your employee handbook, two important ones include your expectations and the benefits you provide your employees. According to The HR Digest, a well-written handbook will address expectations in three different ways:

  • Expectations of conduct for your employees
  • Consequences for delinquent behavior
  • Incentives for well-performing employees

You can also provide more in-depth information about the benefits you offer including health insurance, retirement planning and workers’ compensation.

Provide an accessible reference

Your HR department usually has lots to manage and an employee handbook can alleviate some of the busy work for them. Your employees can reference the handbook for answers to common questions regarding benefits, pay structure, personal conduct and disciplinary policies.

Should you ever encounter a lawsuit because of a disgruntled employee, your handbook can provide support to your description of events. Having your expectations outlined in more than just an employment contract can reinforce your position and show firsthand that all information was readily accessible to your employees. Remember that a reference as useful as an employee handbook should remain updated with your company’s current policies to reflect any changes made over the years.