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Why do I need an experienced trial lawyer on my side?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A lot of people who are injured in car accidents simply want to get some money for their losses and move on with life. But if your injuries were significant, then your damages might be overwhelming. Medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages can all leave you with harm that can be financially ruinous if improperly handled. Therefore, even if you’re offered a settlement, you should necessarily jump to take it just because you need the money. Instead, you need to consider whether taking your case to trial is in your best interests. But does it matter what kind of attorney you have help you with your case?

Litigation skills can better position you during negotiations

To be frank, a lot of attorneys are either afraid to go to trail or they’re simply inexperienced. These attorneys might have an unrealistic expectation of your case if it goes to trail, oftentimes because they don’t know how to build an aggressive case. They may under estimate the strength of your evidence or over estimate the strength of the defense’s case. This means that they might push you to accept a settlement even if it’s not in your best interest.

By sitting down at the negotiation table and showing that you’re not afraid to go to trial, you can gain significant leverage. In the end, this might spur the type of settlement you want. But even if you can’t reach a resolution, if a trial-proven successful attorney represents you, then you know that you have the best possible chance of success at litigation given the facts at hand.

A proven litigator can thoroughly prepare your case for trial

Trial preparation can be long and drawn-out, but an experienced litigator can proceed with your case with efficiency and effectiveness because he or she knows how to adequately prepare a case for trial. This means quickly taking depositions, engaging in other discovery practices where information is gathered from other parties, and analyze how a jury will react to the facts at hand. Aggressive litigators are so thorough in their preparations that they basically eliminate the element of surprise at trial. This protects you and your claim.

While most attorneys know how to build a legal case, those who aren’t experienced in litigation can struggle to put in the legwork that is necessary to adequately prepare your case. Due to their lack of experience, a lot of times they are simply unable to anticipate the problems your case might face. This can put you at risk of losing and not recovering any compensation for your losses.

You need a fighter on your side in the courtroom

Successful litigation requires extensive legal knowledge, comfort in the courtroom, and confidence. Without those skills, your likelihood of pushing back against the defense and convincing jurors to side with you is significantly diminished. You need someone on your side who isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with aggressive defense attorneys, and someone who can base confidently base their arguments on the legal rules that dictate how trails unfold. Otherwise, your attorney might get flustered, fail to make proper objections, or sloppily present your evidence, which could result in a losing case or a diminished judgment.

Depth of experience matters

Even amongst litigators not every attorney is created equally. Some attorneys, like one at our firm, have been recognized for their trial skills by being certified as civil trial lawyers. This is a recognition given to only two percent of all attorneys who practice in New Jersey. Attorneys like these have handled hundreds of trials, meaning that they know exactly what to expect when heading into the courtroom. As a result, you can rest assured that your case is in good hand and that your chances of success are maximized as fully as possible. Other attorneys can adequately represent you, but you might not have the skill and experience you desire which, again, can put you and your future at risk.

There’s simply too much on line when dealing with a personal injury claim to not give it everything you’ve got. Therefore, if you’re looking for legal representation, then you should conduct some research and settle on an advocate who you know will fight with everything they have to secure the outcome you desire.