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3 ways cars are getting safer

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Personal Injury |

For decades, car safety systems focused on keeping people safe when they got into a crash. A seatbelt, for instance, can reduce the odds of serious injuries, as can crumple zones in the front of the car that absorbs a lot of the impact.

There has been a shift in recent years, though, as designers attempt to prevent accidents, rather than protecting people who are in accidents. If they can stop the crash from happening, that’s better than just reducing the fatality odds.

Three ways that they have done this, using technology, were recently explored by transportation experts. Here are their findings:

  1. About a third of the people in the study (35%) noted that automatic braking systems or forward collision alert systems had prevented an accident.
  2. 42% of those in the study claimed that parking sensors and backup cameras helped them avoid an accident. While parking lot accidents are more minor with their lower speeds, they’re very common since they see high traffic congestion and because backing up is more difficult than driving forward.
  3. Nearly half (49%) claimed that they avoided accidents with the aid of blind spot alert systems. These use flashing lights and sound indicators to tell drivers when someone is near the back corner of the car, a place that is hard to see and that causes a lot of accidents when drivers merge into the other lane.

It is clear that automotive technology is helping to save lives and reduce injuries, but it can never prevent all accidents. Those who get hurt need to know how to seek compensation.