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4 reasons workers’ comp may get denied

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

If you get injured on the job, your first thought may be that you need workers’ compensation benefits. It starts with the medical bills, but you also know you’ll miss time at work and lose wages as a result. Maybe you worry that you could lose future wages, as well, if the injury prevents you from returning to work.

With all of those concerns, it’s more than a little frustrating when a claim gets denied. You don’t want to play games with this process. You just want to get the money you need for you and your family.

To start, let’s look at four reasons why workers’ comp may get denied:

  • The company contests that the injury happened at home or at least outside of the workplace environment, while you were not doing anything that related to your employment.
  • They claim that you had been drinking alcohol or using drugs at the time of the injury, leading to impairment and the accident.
  • They allege that you broke company policies, perhaps acting in a nonpermitted way that made the incident more likely to occur.
  • They say that you caused the injury, making it a self-inflicted injury, rather than a pure accident.

These are just a few reasons, and there are many more. If your claim does get denied, you want to know exactly why. You may still be able to fight for the money you think you deserve. Every situation is unique. Just make sure you take the time to really look into all of your options and to understand the case inside and out.