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As cars burn, man pulls 2 women to safety

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Personal Injury |

A recent car accident in New Jersey left two cars burned to the pavement, with bystanders and news reports calling one man a hero for his quick actions that saved lives.

The accident happened, according to reports, when a Toyota RAV4 failed to stop at an intersection, running through a stop sign. It hit a Nissan Altima. Both vehicles then smashed into a utility pole. The Toyota ended up sitting on top of the front end of the smaller car.

The two people in the Altima climbed out, but then it suddenly caught fire. The two women riding in the Toyota were still trapped inside the now-burning car.

A man saw the accident and sprinted over. Finding the doors locked, he smashed out a window to get in. It only took 60 seconds for the flames to engulf both vehicles, but that was enough time for him to drag the women to safety.

Afterward, the man cried, something his wife says she has never seen him do before. He said that it was because his brother died years ago in an accident, and he wondered if things could have been different if someone had been there to help his brother the same way he was there to help the two women.

Accidents can touch many lives very quickly. Some of those scars never heal — emotional and physical scars. The toll these crashes take is enormous. It is important for those who get injured and the families of those who pass away to know what legal options they have.