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Trucker admits to fatal accident that killed New Jersey student

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2019 | Personal Injury |

A student from New Jersey died in a truck accident back in 2018, and the truck driver involved in the crash has just admitted to causing it. This could mean that he will spend a long time behind bars, as it does not appear that a plea deal is on the table.

The accident happened on Interstate 83 in Pennsylvania. Traffic had slowed down, with some cars coming to a halt, due to a construction zone. The truck driver slammed into the stopped traffic. Per reports, the authorities say that he was intoxicated, having had eight drinks before getting behind the wheel.

All told, 11 different cars were involved in the crash. The student from New Jersey was just 22 years old when he died. Another man also passed away in the wreck, and he was 24 years old. Tragically, that man’s daughter was also killed. She was less than a year and a half old at the time.

This accident is a perfect example of how alcohol can slow down reaction times and make it harder for people to decipher what they’re seeing on the highway. When everything goes smoothly, an intoxicated driver may think he is safe. When something unexpected happens, though — like a traffic stoppage by a construction zone — the driver may not react properly and can cause a serious accident that should have been avoided.

After such an event, it is important for those who get injured or lose loved ones to know how to seek compensation for funeral costs, medical bills, lost wages and much more.