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Car hits sleeping man’s house, knocking him out of bed

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2019 | Personal Injury |

If you thought that you had to be in your car to get involved in a car accident, a recent story out of New Jersey shows that you may want to think again.

A 49-year-old man was pleasantly sleeping in his bed and enjoying a peaceful Saturday morning when a Honda SUV crashed near his house. This was right around 9:30 in the morning on March 16. The impact knocked the man right out of his bed and onto the floor.

Technically, a parked car hit his house, not the SUV the started the accident. The Honda first smashed all the way through a guardrail, and then it collided with the parked vehicle. It was such a violent crash that the parked car then hit the home behind it.

“When the parked car hit the house, there was a gentleman sleeping on the other side of the wall,” said an Emerson Police captain. “It hit with such force that it pushed the bed across the room. The poor guy must have been sleeping right on the opposite side and it hit him perfectly enough to force him out…What a way to wake up.”

The driver of that SUV was a 37-year-old woman. Frighteningly, she had her one-year-old son in the car with her. Reports do make sure to note that he was not seriously injured, though the man in the home did wind up with a back injury that needed treatment.

Why did this strange accident happen? The investigation is still going on and the exact reasons remain unclear. However, it looks like the woman simply lost control.

Have you been injured in a car accident? Even if the accident wasn’t as strange and unexpected as the story above, you need to know if you have a right to financial compensation.