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Address these workers’ compensation questions

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Even though you have no plans on experiencing an on-the-job injury, it could happen to you at any time. This holds true regardless of your profession and industry, including those fields that are generally thought to be extremely safe.

If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a workplace injury, you will need to become familiar with the workers’ compensation system. When you begin, here are some of the more important questions to answer:

  • Are you covered by workers’ compensation? Generally speaking, if you’re an employee who was injured at work, you should be in a position to file a claim.
  • Is it possible to be denied benefits? Not only is it possible, but there’s a good chance it will happen. There are many reasons for a denial, such as your employer arguing that you were not injured on the job.
  • What types of injuries are covered by workers’ compensation? Anything that keeps you out of work is typically covered by the workers’ compensation system. For example, if you fall from a ladder, suffer an injury and are unable to return to work right away, you’ll want to file a claim.

These are not the only questions to address regarding workers’ compensation, but they are among the most important. Once you answer these as they relate to your situation, you’ll have a better idea of what to do next.

If you receive a workers’ compensation denial letter, read it carefully to determine your next steps. You have the legal right to file an appeal to attempt to get the decision overturned.