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It's true: Most people still don't have a will

For years now, experts have been warning that most Americans do not have a will. Even though most of them say that a will is important when asked, they don't actually write one.

Has the exposure of this information helped people realize just how important estate planning is? It does not appear that way. According to a study done in 2019, most Americans still have no estate plan. The total came in at 57%. And that considers all estate planning documents, like living trusts and wills.

How you can become a terrific defensive driver

Defensive driving helps prevent accidents essentially by acknowledging that others are going to cause them. They're going to make mistakes. Human error is going to cause crashes and take lives.

Once you admit that, you can then focus on avoiding these accidents. You take extra steps to stay aware at all times and to react in advance.

4 reasons workers' comp may get denied

If you get injured on the job, your first thought may be that you need workers' compensation benefits. It starts with the medical bills, but you also know you'll miss time at work and lose wages as a result. Maybe you worry that you could lose future wages, as well, if the injury prevents you from returning to work.

With all of those concerns, it's more than a little frustrating when a claim gets denied. You don't want to play games with this process. You just want to get the money you need for you and your family.

Bullying continues into the workplace

People sometimes assume that bullying ends in high school. Unfortunately, that's not true. It often extends into the workplace. It's not something that stops as people grow older.

In some cases, the bullying could feel at least marginally related to your job. Maybe a supervisor doesn't like you and bullies you in an effort to get you to quit. When you don't, they eventually make up a reason to fire you.

Police say risky teen driving is leading to accidents

The police in New Jersey are reaching out to parents after they say that teenagers caused avoidable car accidents by taking risky, dangerous actions behind the wheel. They said that the teens, who lacked much experience as drivers, were being careless and driving too quickly.

In one crash, a teenager passed another car, in the right lane, even though he had to make a right turn. He just wanted to go faster than that other vehicle. In trying to move back into the right lane and slow down to turn, the teen went out of control. The car slammed into a few other vehicles. Ultimately, three people wound up in the hospital and five reported injuries, all because the teen was driving aggressively.

As cars burn, man pulls 2 women to safety

A recent car accident in New Jersey left two cars burned to the pavement, with bystanders and news reports calling one man a hero for his quick actions that saved lives.

The accident happened, according to reports, when a Toyota RAV4 failed to stop at an intersection, running through a stop sign. It hit a Nissan Altima. Both vehicles then smashed into a utility pole. The Toyota ended up sitting on top of the front end of the smaller car.

Why don't people do estate planning?

The truth is that, though humans are perhaps the only creatures on earth to live their entire lives with an understanding that they will one day pass away, most people still do not plan for it.

It's a curious problem in modern times. People in the United States have an incredible amount of assets. They need to pass them on to the next generation. They also understand the potential need for medical care, help with legal and financial decisions, and much more. Estate planning can address all of that. And yet many people neglect to do it anyway. Why is this?

Don't get lost in thought while you drive

Do you ever get bored while you drive? Maybe it's because you have to drive the same route to work and back every single day.

This is when many people look for distractions like using their phone behind the wheel, but you know better. You know that distracted driving is dangerous. Instead, you keep your phone in your pocket and start thinking about your plans for the weekend.

Reasons you may start an estate dispute and challenge a will

The idea of a will is to set in stone what happens to a person's estate after they pass away. However, that does not mean that the estate plan always stands. There are reasons that you may want to challenge a will, especially if you think that it is unfair, unjust or a violation of your rights.

You often cannot challenge a will just because you wanted more money or more assets. You need to have a reason as to why you felt that you deserved it. Some examples include:

  • You think that someone else created a fake will, perhaps in an effort to move more assets to themselves.
  • You think that someone used undue influence on a vulnerable elderly person to make them edit the will before death.
  • You believe that the will is an old one and there is actually a more recent will that should be followed.
  • You do not think that the elderly person was in the right mental state to create the estate plan. Perhaps they had dementia or maybe they were on heavy medications.
  • The will is incomplete in some way. Maybe no one signed it or maybe there were no witnesses.
  • For some other reason, the will does not reflect what you believe your loved one wanted and you think someone else is at fault in that.

At-will employment means the work relationship can end quickly

While workers in some positions do have contracts outlining how long they will hold a job and why the position can be terminated, among other things, this is often just true for high-level executives and other specialized workers. In most cases, base-level employees -- the majority of the workforce in New Jersey -- just work on an at-will basis.

What this means is that the working relationship can end quickly, and either side can initiate it. If a worker wants to quit a job, they can do so. They are legally allowed to do it whenever they want. While they can provide a reason, they don't have to do so.

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