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What to know if injured in a commercial vehicle accident while working

Certain occupations require employees to be behind the wheel as a major part of their jobs. Whether delivering products or meeting with clients, these trips can often take up a large portion of the workday.

Many of these individuals are driving large commercial vehicles provided by their employers. And, like other motorists on New Jersey roadways, they may find themselves involved in a crash. Commercial vehicle accidents can lead to serious injuries for employees, and these injuries may require individuals to miss time from work.

Workers injured on-the-job in New Jersey will be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These payments will allow workers to cover expenses associated to their medical care, as well as the income that they are missing for being out of work.

The workers’ compensation system has very strict procedures in place, and injured workers must follow these rules in order to recover benefits. This may even place restrictions upon the physicians that the workers may visit. The care that these individuals receive may not adequately address their injuries, which can lead to additional health problems if they are forced to return to work too soon.

While workers’ compensation will handle most claims for injured workers, there may be other avenues also available. Some individuals may have been injured due to the negligence of third parties. Whether this is an act of a contractor working for one of the companies involved or perhaps another driver, it could potentially allow injured individuals to pursue a personal injury claim.

Personal injury claims offer a wider range of possible compensation than workers’ compensation claims. Under a personal injury suit, the injured individual may be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering, as well as other damages against the negligent motorists. They may also be able to visit their own physicians to get the care they need. These cases will require extensive review to determine if it is possible to pursue a personal injury suit.

No one wants to miss work due to an illness or injury, but sometimes, accidents happen. When they occur, it is important that you notify your employers as soon as possible. This makes the employer aware of the injury, which is crucial to help you receive the care and benefits that you need while you are out of work.

If you have questions about an on-the-job injury, speak to an attorney experienced with both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. This will allow you to be sure that you have examined all potential avenues for compensation while you recover from your injuries.