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Bergen County and Hackensack Probate Lawyers

Probate Law Attorneys

Whether you are planning for your future or resolving a loved one's estate, you need a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer to guide you through the process. At Rogan & Associates, we draft comprehensive estate planning documents and provide dedicated litigation services for our probate and estate clients.

Our Hackensack probate attorneys help our clients smoothly and efficiently transfer estate assets. Contact a New Jersey wills attorney at our firm to discuss your estate or probate matter.

Experienced Estate Litigation Lawyers

Our Hackensack probate attorneys are experienced litigators who assist clients in resolving will contests. A will contest is a type of estate litigation where a beneficiary or loved one disputes the will.

There are many reasons a will or an amendment to a will may be questioned, including:

  • Last minute changes to the will by the deceased
  • Your loved one's lack of capacity to create the will, such as dementia, illness or Alzheimer's
  • One person's undue influence over the deceased
  • The will excludes children in favor of a new spouse
  • One child is heavily favored in the will to the detriment of other children
  • A new attorney created the will in place of your loved one's long-term lawyer

We also handle cases where an estate representative breached fiduciary duty to the estate. This can occur when the representative fraudulently or improperly transfers assets or unnecessarily delays distribution to the beneficiaries.

Estate Planning Through Diligent Drafting

At our firm, we help our clients plan for their future and the future of their loved ones through careful and diligent drafting of estate documents, including:

  • Wills: A will can help you outline how you would like your estate distributed when you pass away. It can also provide guidance about who will take care of your children.
  • Advance directives: Advance directives tell your family or doctor how to handle your medical care if you are unable to communicate. The most common forms include a do not resuscitate (DNR) order, a living will or a medical power of attorney. The DNR and living will specifically outline what procedures you do not want performed. A medical power of attorney appoints one person to make decisions in your place.
  • General powers of attorney: All powers of attorney, including medical powers of attorney, designate one person to make decisions on your behalf. This can include financial or medical decisions.

Contact a New Jersey Wills Attorney

Whether you need a Hackensack probate attorney or a Bergen County elder law lawyer, we can help. To discuss your case, contact our estate litigation firm online

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