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New York and New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Aggressive Pedestrian Injury Attorneys

The streets of New York and New Jersey are consumed with traffic. With this level of congestion, it is far too easy to become the victim of a pedestrian accident. These accidents can not only be serious or fatal, but the long-term effects of your injuries can include extended medical treatment, loss of wages, and stress on the family.

It is critical to seek out medical attention immediately, but it is also extremely important to consult with an attorney who can help you with the legal and financial issues by helping you obtain the compensation you need for your injuries.

At Rogan & Associates, we help injured in pedestrian accidents recover damages through aggressive negotiation and, when necessary, litigation. The attorneys of Rogan & Associates are committed to keeping our clients' best interests in mind when pursuing their personal injury claims. Your goals are the ends we always are striving to attain.

If this is the type of representation you are seeking for your pedestrian accident, contact our office or call us today at 201-289-8231 to schedule a free consultation.

Comprehensive Investigation Is the Foundation for Results

The injuries people sustain in pedestrian accidents can be extremely serious, including wrongful death. Our goal is to help you obtain compensation for the medical bills, lost wages, and other losses caused by injuries such as:

Whether you were injured while in a crosswalk, the driver was drunk, or a reckless NYC taxi driver disregarded a traffic control device, we have the accident reconstruction capabilities to prove liability. For example, we can subpoena any surveillance devices which might have captured the events, including traffic recorders and store security systems. We will obtain all police reports, your medical records and all other evidence necessary to prove the extent of your injuries and the compensation you should receive.

Our attorneys have backgrounds in the insurance area and can help with issues relevant to pedestrian accident cases. We know how to find all available insurance policies from which to seek coverage. We will research the licensed driver's car insurance policy, including UM/UIM and PIP coverage, as well any household liability policies that may apply.

We will aggressively pursue compensation from your insurers to make sure you get the treatment you need right away. Since we have experience defending insurance companies in personal injury cases, we can anticipate how they will proceed, what adjusters are looking for, and how best to evaluate your case for strengths and weaknesses the insurance companies will seek to exploit.

Our experience helps us provide a balanced evaluation of your case and to construct an effective strategy. We understand the time, cost and risk of litigation, which is why we believe in aggressive negotiation with insurance companies.

We have helped thousands of people reach fair settlements, now let us help you. Contact our office or call 201-289-8231 today for a free consultation about your pedestrian accident case.

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