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New Jersey Employment Contract Attorneys

We are committed to safeguarding your best interest.

In addition to our experience with litigating disputes between employees and employers, the law firm of Rogan and Associates also provides clients throughout New Jersey with legal counsel with the preparation, drafting and review of employment contracts.

With over fifteen years of Human Resources experience at major Fortune 500 companies, our employment contracts attorney, JoAnn Riccardi, knows how to identify particular issues and concerns before a client commits themselves to an employment agreement. In addition to her background, we also provide our individual and corporate clients with the experience of having litigated dozens of disputes over these types of contracts. In putting together or reviewing your employment contract, we know what to look for in terms of how to effectively draft or examine an agreement and we make recommendations to help you avoid many of the legal pitfalls that can lead to litigation.

New Jersey Employment Contract Law Attorneys

If you would like us to help you prepare an employment agreement, write a contract for you, or assess the legalities of some terms before you commit to an existing agreement, contact our knowledgeable employment contract attorney at the law firm of Rogan & Associates.

Whether it's an employee-employer agreement or similar legal contract between two companies, we are available to assist our clients with:

  • Employment contracts
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Compensation or commission plans
  • Separation agreements or releases

Whether you wish to avoid a wage and hour dispute, breach of contract, termination problem, or other potential employment contract dispute, we offer you a broad range of experience with employment law and commercial litigation matters that will protect your rights and best interests.

Before you commit to any employment agreement with another individual or company, contact our employment contracts attorney online or by phone at 201-289-8231, Fax-201-342-6658. Let us help you make proper arrangements for continued success in your employment matters.

* Please visit our employment law information page to learn more.

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