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New Jersey Shareholder and Partner Dispute Lawyers

Protecting the Interests and Rights of Business Owners

A partnership or shareholder agreement should protect all owners of the enterprise. But shareholders of corporations and members of partnerships sometimes have disputes over business issues that cannot be settled through the normal protocols of corporate governance. When the issues are serious, these parties often turn to litigation to protect their rights and interests. Rogan & Associates has extensive experience in all types of commercial and civil litigation. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in actions involving minority shareholder disputes, business partner disputes, and breach of contract disputes.

New Jersey Shareholder Rights Lawyers

Under New Jersey's Minority Shareholder Statute, majority shareholders cannot necessarily outvote minority shareholders. Using the provisions of this statute and other laws, Rogan & Associates has prevailed on behalf of minority partners and shareholders in numerous minority shareholder disputes.

By raising the prospect of a lawsuit, our lawyers can sometimes induce an opposing shareholder or partner to come to terms. When court action is required, we use our knowledge of the law and trial experience to protect the rights and interests of shareholders and partners. Sometimes, the dispute becomes so serious that the only possible solution is the dissolution of the business or a buyout at a fair price. In these, as in every case, we stand firm in defense of our client's rights and interests.

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